Our visit at Tempelhof Airport

We Germans are thankful to the servicemen  who sacrificed their lives for us.

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My husband and I visited the Tempelhof Airport in Berlin in October 2021.

There is no air traffic at this airport anymore because the runway is too short for modern aeroplanes.

However, this airport was very important during the cold war.

The Western part of Berlin was cut off and the people in West Berlin were starving.

The Allied Forces decided to install an air bridge to feed the people trapped in this part of Berlin.

More here: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Berlin_Blockade

The pilotes flew in three flight corridors to speed up this process.

Unfortunately, not every aircraft landed safely. The Russians did not agree with this intervention and their aircraft flew into these flight corridors in order to stop the Allied Forces.

It came to some tragic accidents not only because of the Sowjet flight interventions but also due to the tight flight schedule. Every three minutes an aeroplane landed at Tempelhof…

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