Now is the time to explore Germany

Recently, I went to Germany. With the 9 Euro ticket you can board all regional trains in June, July and August.

You find out more in these links:

I travelled through Germany to see my family. I went to Berlin, Cologne and Westphalia. On the way back to the UK I met another German lady who did the same.

It was a great opportunity.

Berlin station

I had a wonderful time. Now there are lifting most corona restrictions in Germany. However, you still have to wear a fpp2 face mask on public transport.

Germany has beautiful mountain tops in the South and the seaside in the North. You can see it all at your leisure.


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8 thoughts on “Now is the time to explore Germany

  1. I bought a nine-Euro ticket for June but haven’t used it yet. Still, it will pay for itself even if I only use it once or twice for some regional day trip.

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