Great Britain is in mourning

Prince Philip passed away peacefully in Windsor castle yesterday morning. Since then all the flags in the UK are flying half mast. This is out of respect for his death. Prince Philip had been a good husband to the Queen for more than 70 years. He was only two months short of his 100 thContinue reading “Great Britain is in mourning”

How to avoid a faux pas in a foreign language

Most politicians consult interpreting or translation services when holding a speech in a foreign language. A mistake can easily be made. When I worked in recruitment, one of our international managers tried to say that he was feeling hot. It was indeed a very warm summer’s day. He said in front of all his businessContinue reading “How to avoid a faux pas in a foreign language”

The devil is in the detail

My recent project was a translation from English into German. It was a watch manual. I encountered many specific, technical terms. One term was ‘secondary battery’. A secondary battery does not mean a ‘second battery’. A second battery or in German ‘Zweitbatterie‘ is a battery that functions as a spare or reserve battery. It isContinue reading “The devil is in the detail”